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Perfect Sleeper Vega

R 21,499.00

On a scale from 1 - 10 (1 being plush and 10 being firm)
This mattress scores a 2.

The Vega has a plush feel. The combination of our exclusive internationally designed continuous powercoil spring system and thicker layer of purefoam, latex foam and gel infused memory foam encased in our exclusive imported Biocare range of fabric makes the Vega one of the most unique designs in our Serta Perfect Sleeper range. It provides a sleep experience that is truly unique and can take weights up to 150kg per person.

Helps reduce tossing and turning
This advanced System of Premium Multiple Support Layers of fibre and foam is designed exclusively for Serta to provide instant comfort and support. This helps reduce the pressure points that can cause tossing and turning so you can sleep more comfortably through the night.

High Strength Insulator Spring Pad - designed to prevent the spring from eroding the pads and assist in dispersing pressure evenly.

Natural Fibre Pads Designed for Serta are manufactured by an ISO certified manufacturer. This ensures quality and longevity whilst assisting with air flow, dispersion of pressure and heat which assists in balancing body temperature. This aids in the promotion of eradicating bugs and mites.

High Density PURE Foam designed for Serta provides comfort, support and effective recovery whilst reducing indentation over time.

Gel Infused Memory Foam - Highly resistant to micro-organisms and allergens. This foam pad boasts excellent contouring and pressure relief for better durability and longer comfort life. Reduces motion transfer between sleep partners and has microscopic memory pockets that react to body temperature and weight.

Rotation Cycle Technology
Flip Free Technology - No more flipping of mattresses

Regular rotation as well as use of the entire sleep surface is highly recommended to minimise body indentation which occurs when the foam and fibre conforms to the conforms to the contours of your body in order to provide you with the comfort and support your require.

Please consult warranty card for rotation instructions.

Foam Encased Technology
No Sagging - High Density PUREFOAM helps to reinforce the entire mattress and prevents sagging.

Edge To Edge Support - Say goodbye to that “Roll Of Feeling” sturdy edges mean you can enjoy continuous support across the entire sleep surface.

Maximized Sleep Surface - Your sleeping surface is maximized with edge to edge support which is especially important if your bed is shared with a partner.

Encourages proper back support & alignment

Our award winning patented continuous coil system running from head to toe which is considered one of the world’s most advanced spring system offers a dynamic array of coils ensuring continuous support and limits partner movement.

Independent continuous support accounts for persons with dissimilar body weights. Maximum Weight - 150kg per person.

Promotes a balanced sleep temperature
High Performance Imported Knit Ticking designed Exclusively for Serta
Soft to the Touch with additional comfort benefits:

Anti-mite and Anti-bacterial treatment, creates a healthier, cleaner sleeping environment.

Mattress Foundation - Base
The mattresses are designed to work with our base; we recommend you purchase a full set.

Our bases are designed and manufactured using KILN - Dried Timber, with a flat top supported with timber slats and 6 legs. This provides the support required to enhance the life of your mattress.