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Addressing the Elephant in the room

Welcome to Dream Republic, South Africa's Premium Mattress Online Store

There are various reasons you've decided to visit us - here some of the main ones:
  1. You are looking for a sleep solution and you know exactly what you want.
  2. You aren’t really sure whether your bed needs to be changed, as your sleep surface has become uncomfortable.
  3. You need to understand the process of buying a bed and what to look for in order to make an informed decision.
  4. You are confused by all the choices you have and cannot understand how the technical claims made by manufacturers and sales people will help you make an informed decision.
  5. You need to understand what technology is out there and the benefits associated with these technologies and products.

This industry has evolved since your last purchase.  All you have to make an informed decision is the feel of the bed (which always feels good when it's new) on the shop floor, what the salesman recommends and the manufacturer claims - which is extremely difficult to verify.

In our experience, the likelihood of the salesman having actually slept on any of the sleep surfaces he recommends is highly unlikely and, in our opinion, he is guided by the manufacturer claims.

All bedding manufacturers make similar claims regarding the construction and materials used on their beds. We have seen beds that range from as little as R1699 to over R69999 - but with similar claims from the manufacturers.

This ends up confusing the customer, making you doubt your choice.

Purchasing a bed shouldn't be a hassle. The biggest untruth is that you have to feel a bed before you purchase it. All new beds feel great (unless it's a really inferior product), and immediate feel doesn't guarantee a good purchase. After all, your bed starts wearing in from the very first time you lie on it.

The truth is: you can't make an informed decision unless you spend a minimum of 30 nights on the bed. This gives your body a chance to adapt to the new sleep surface, and assists in correcting your posture if the last mattress was really worn in.

Some of the leading online stores are bedding stores. People are quickly realising that variety does not guarantee quality; stores offering up to 50% and more off on sales indicates excessive mark ups. The challenge is changing the mindset of the consumer. You need to understand the production process of a bed, as well as the raw materials used. After you make your purchase, you won't be able to compare your bed to another competing product unless you have an opportunity to sleep elsewhere (and it's very seldom you want to rip off the bedding to check the brand of a hotel mattress).

The mattress industry is quickly losing credibility, with no real barriers to entry. With a focus on price and maximising margins, and low regulation standards, bedding stores are popping up with haste. Retailers are going into manufacturing, using their in-house brands to compete against existing brands. Simultaneously, manufacturers are going in to retail in a bid to eliminate the middleman, making their product more accessible to the public.

Some outlets are now making certain claims about utilising technologies that recommend a sleep surface for you. In our opinion, that gives you the confidence in believing you made the right choice, but it doesn't guarantee that you did. Two people with the same build could have very different sleep surface preferences and these recommendations can't really address the issues they claim to.

Being told what's in your mattress is great, but means very little to the average consumer who doesn't know what their options are.

Here's an example. A manufacturer may claim they have a Bonnell Spring System, which is the most highly used system in the world. We could then inform you that we use the patented Continuous Coil Technology, which is exclusive to Serta and runs from head-to-toe on the mattress; this reduces partner movement and is built to take weights up to 150kg per person.

Had you not been aware of the latter you would believe that the former was a superior product. In a sealed unit, you can't verify that those components are there and, even if they are, you cannot understand the benefit of these components. The only true test is a trial sleeping period, which is why we offer 30 nights of sleep before committing to your mattress choice. 

We believe that we utilise some of the best sleep systems in the world. All our units are designed to give you the support you require - the only variable is the level of comfort that you seek. E.g. Firm, Medium or Plush.

We have supplied many beds into the market and have many happy customers. Most importantly, we've also had many referrals from our existing customers.

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