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Why BioCare?

What is BioCare?   

Technology is developing day by day and brings innovation to life. TVs, radios, mobiles, internet, modems, appliances, and computers bring convenience to life but can cause a drawback – electromagnetic pollution.
The use of appliances that spread electromagnetic waves increases and our bodies are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic waves. This has a negative effect on all living things and can spoil body balance.
Biocare fabrics have been developed to present new sleep technology and these fabrics are created by weaving nano-technologic yarns with a special knitting system and geometry. The fabrics acquire electromagnetic screening and prevent the contact of electromagnetic waves with the body by 98.5% during sleep. It thus functions as a magnetic barrier.
    Benefits of BioCare

    • Helps protect the body from radiation during sleep.
    • Helps decrease the risk of cancer thanks to electromagnetic protection.
    • Increases sleep quality.
    • Helps contribute to a healthy metabolism.
    • Helps prevent tension by reducing static electricity.
    • Due to the antibacterial feature, helps prevent the diseases and bad odour caused by bacteria.
    • Regulates the body biorhythm.

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