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Maxipedic Pillow Top

R 8,399.00

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Flip-Free (No Turn) 
Comfort: Medium Plush

8-Year Warranty, includes a 2-Year Guarantee

Why buy the Pillow Top?

1. Encourages proper back support and alignment.

We are excited to introduce the Continuous Power Coil System, regarded as the best spring system in the world. This technology is internationally patented and exclusive to LYLAX.

• Perfect for individuals up to 130kg each.

2. Helps reduce tossing and turning

Our advanced system is a unique combination of premium multiple support layers of fibre and pure foam. This is designed exclusively for The Pillow Top to enhance your sleep experience, ensuring a neutral, relaxed posture position for the entire body, reducing tossing, turning and ensuring a good night’s sleep. Our pure dense foam is designed to be extremely resilient, reducing body impression and indentation over time, ensuring a longer lasting, more comfortable sleep surface.

Exclusively designed High Strength Insulator Spring Pad is designed to prevent the spring from eroding the pad, which assists in dispersing pressure and reduces wear on your fibre and foam pads.

Fibre pads designed exclusively for LYLAX help deter bugs and mites, assisting with air flow, dispersing pressure and heat, and assisting in balancing the body temperature.

3. Rotation Cycle Technology - Flip-Free Technology

The Pillow Top is designed as a single-surfaced sleep solution, so you don’t put your back out flipping heavy mattresses. However, regular rotation is advised (consult warranty card for manufacturer’s rotation instructions).

4. Our mattress foundation (base)

Our mattresses are designed to work with our base; we recommend you purchase a full set. Our bases are designed and manufactured using kiln-dried timber, with a flat top supported with timber slats and 6 legs. This provides the support required to enhance the life of your mattress.

If you have an existing foundation and wish to purchase the mattress only, kindly ensure the mattress rests on a flat top and not directly on the foundation (which is slatted). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or require any assistance.