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Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Pillow Top - Motion Perfect Foundation

ZAR 140,000.00
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ZAR 140,000.00

Serta, “We Make the World’s Best Mattress”


With a Serta adjustable mattress set you can get the customized comfort of your dreams.

As the creators of the world’s best mattress, Serta knows that no two sleepers are alike. To answer to the sleep preferences of the individual, Serta has innovated and created a range of products to suit your sleep needs.  Offering the best in unparalleled sleep technology, the Serta Ergomotion foundation is a patented adjustable bed foundation created for truly customizable sleep. 

We understand sleep. It’s no surprise we are celebrated as Americas’ largest and number 1 bedding brand. With over 90 years of experience. We are recipients of various awards which include, the Woman’s Choice award and the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

Sleep quality is linked to all major illnesses including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes. We consider your wellness when designing your bed and ensure that you have a comfortable sleep surface whilst giving you the support you deserve.


Motion Perfect Adjustable Description


  • Serta’s best-selling Imported adjustable foundation is now upgraded with whisper-quiet massage settings and USB ports for convenient device charging while you are in bed. A wireless remote lets you adjust the head and/or foot angle of the mattress so you can find your perfect position, while our pre-set button quickly and conveniently returns the mattress to flat. Additionally, the 3-in-1 adjustable legs ensure this base will be the perfect height for your existing furniture.
  • Wireless Remote: Allows you to easily raise and lower the head and foot of the mattress.
  • One-touch flat: Pre-set button to return the base to a flat position.
  • Adjustable Leg: 3-in-1 adjustable legs ensure this base will be the perfect height.
  • 2 zoned 6 speed massage: Two high-power, low-noise massage motors help you unwind in the comfort of your home. Choose between a 10-minute, 20 minute or 30-minute timer options.
  • USB Ports: Provides the ultimate in convenience for USB devices. Charging or powering phones, tablets, or other devices within easy reach.
  • 2 Programmable Pre-sets: Use programmable pre-sets to reach your favourite positions in seconds.
  • Anti-Snore: A pre-programmed anti-snore position that gently raises the head of the base to a position that helps alleviate snoring.
  • Underbed Lighting: Soft LED lighting under your bed helps guide you through the dark safely.
  • Syncing Two Bases (King option only)
    The Sync Cord connects the two control boxes to a single remote for the synchronization of two bases. Each remote will operate both bases simultaneously. A Sync Cord is included with the adjustable base.



Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress Description 


On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being firm and 10 being plush, This mattress scores a 7,PLUSH.

  • Introducing the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Collection, which combines Serta’s latest Pure Foam and Gel Infused Memory Foam technology with an advanced Micro Pocket coil system for exceptional comfort and support
  • Serta’s Exclusive Imported Ticking – Biocare™ fabrics have been developed by Boyteks engineers who present new sleep technology each coming day and these fabrics are achieved by weaving nano-technologic yarns with a special knitting system and geometry.  Biocare™ fabrics, which acquire electromagnetic screening by this way, prevent the contact of electromagnetic waves with body by 98.5% during sleep and thus functions as a magnetic barrier. It brings not only healthy and comfortable but also refreshing sleep
  • HIGH DENSITY PURE FOAM LAYERS designed exclusively for Serta to work in conjunction with the fibre pads and the spring system provides comfort, support and effective recovery whilst reducing indentation over time. 100% pure polyurethane foam with no added fillers
  • GEL INFUSED MEMORY FOAM – Highly resistant to micro-organisms and allergens. This foam layer designed to work in conjunction with all the other components for Serta boasts excellent contouring and pressure relief for better durability and longer comfort life. Reduces motion transfer between sleep partners and has microscopic memory pockets that react to body temperature and weight
  • LATEX – Provides a unique balance of soft comfort with proper support for your spine. Resilient to dust mites, mould and bacteria without the use of added. The natural open-cell structure of latex provides excellent air-circulation
  • High Performance Imported Knit Ticking designed Exclusively for Serta
  • Anti-mite and Anti-bacterial treatment create a healthier, cleaner sleeping environment. Soft to the touch with additional comfort benefits
  • Helps reduce tossing and turning
  • Resists sagging & edge roll-off
  • Encourages proper back support & alignment
  • Limits partner movement
  • Accounts for persons with dissimilar body weights
  • Promotes a balanced sleep temperature
  • 30 Night exchange policy*
  • Maximum Weight – 150kg / Person

*Applies to Mattress only.


Warranty and Guarantee 

12 Year Warranty which includes a 3 Year Guarantee

Adjustable Foundation 
20 Year Warranty 

Battery Backup Strip

For emergency use only, in case of a power outage or Load Shedding Blues.
Batteries are not to be used for normal operation of the bed. For emergency use only, in case of a power outage. In the event that the base is stuck in an articulated position during a power outage, the Battery Backup Strip will return the base to a FLAT position. Batteries are not to be used for normal.

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