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Can an Adjustable Bed Improve Your Health?

Adjustable beds are becoming standard in all bedrooms, and for good reason. People own them in their homes for both health and comfort. They alleviate cramped positions and improper sleeping posture. Flat foundations do the opposite and may cause difficulty breathing and poor blood circulation during sleep.

Adjustable beds have both therapeutic and health advantages over traditional beds.

Below are some specific benefits of adjustables. Benefits of Adjustable Beds Reduce Snoring Unlike a flat bed, an adjustable bed base has you sleeping in a zero-gravity position. This elevates your upper body and your windpipe stays open. Positions are also customizable to the position that works best for individual airway needs.

Alleviate Back Pain:

Adjustable beds help you match your body curves in your resting position, and reduce strain on your spine and sciatic nerve. When your knees and toes are slightly raised, there is significantly less pressure on your spine.

Improve Digestion:

Lying flat makes it harder for your body to digest food. With your upper body elevated by 6-8 inches, digestion becomes more natural and efficient. You will retain more nutrients and feel more comfortable. Relieve Acid Reflux Sleeping on a flat base can cause heartburn in some individuals. The stomach acid flows to the esophagus and gives you episodes of acid reflux. When on an adjustable base, the upper body is slightly vertical, keeping stomach contents in a normal position.

Improve Circulation

When your upper body is slightly raised, you breathe better as the windpipe stays open. Lungs also expand freely. This leads to more efficient oxygen supply to the body and the heart beating less strenuously.

Reduce Swollen Extremities

Fluids can accumulate at the feet, especially if you are pregnant, spend long hours on your feet or have an age-related medical condition. You can relieve the pain and swelling by sleeping with your legs raised above your heart level to create a better path of circulation. The retained fluids will flow to the rest of the body parts.

Help Make Arthritis Pain Bearable


The stiffness and pain in joints caused by arthritis is often unbearable. Beds with an adjustable bed can make it bearable as they give you comfortable sleeping position to take pressure off the joints. It is also easier to raise the torso prior to leaving the bed, making that transition from sleep to wake much easier.

Bolster Independence


If you recently had surgery or are in constant need of a helper to adjust yourself on the bed, you can now be more independent. Adjustable beds make your life simpler by providing an assisted method of getting in and out of bed. You can adjust the bed to a sitting or sleeping position without much strain, helping you with morning and nighttime mobility.

Better Your Lifestyle


You can change position on your bed to read, watch movies and work without using pillows. It is comfortable and gives you a relaxed, upright position to many of your daily sitting tasks.


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