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Do you knowthe importance of sleep?

Your entire health and wellness system is underpinned by your quality of sleep and is the foundation to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

Sleep undeniably affects your physical and mental functioning the next day, your ability to fight disease and develop immunity. A lack of sleep has been linked to all major illnesses including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Sleep is also overlooked when it comes to losing or maintaining a heathy weight. Diet and exercise become redundant if you are not getting an adequate amount of quality sleep. Lack of sleep has been scientifically linked to an increased risk in obesity as it leads to increased hunger, poor food choices and ultimately a decrease in physical activity.

With new beds shops and brands popping up all the time how can you be sure about what you’rebuying?

The mattress industry has over 20 manufacturers and is unregulated – with no guiding platforms or quality standards. Our philosophy is that we would never make a bed that we were not prepared to let our family or ourselves sleep on. 

Serta and Lylax utilise world-class manufacturing processes and only use bespoke raw materials. This is evident in the fact that we maintain a high customer satisfaction level and the lowest return rates in the industry for which we have been acknowledged for.

Dream Republic has done all the hard work of selecting a mattress for you and every product represents the best value at every price point. This is why we only stock Lylax and Serta, which are world class, award winning brands and are both endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

Can you make an informed decision buying a bed online?

In light of the upward global trend of buying beds online, Dream Republic was established in 2016 to make award winning mattresses accessible to all and even though our mattresses may be affordable they are not cheap. Buying a bed on Dream Republic is as comfortable as sleeping on one of our World class beds.

Online shopping has grown exponentially and 48% of all beds bought in the US are purchased online. The need for traditional retail stores is dwindling as it is scientifically proven that it is impossible to make an informed decision on choosing a mattress by simply lying down on one for a few seconds in a store.

Our bodies need a minimum of 3 nights to adjust to a new sleep surface, any bed you lie on in-store may feel comfortable for the few seconds you’re on it but you will only truly know if a mattress is suitable for you after 30 nights. Which is why at Dream Republic we offer a 30 night swop out, where if you are not completely satisfied with your bed we will swop it out for a new one of equal or greater value.

About our brands

In order to be successful in the online space we have done the due diligence of selecting only the best brands for our customers, which are affordable and represent value.

Lylax has manufactured premium mattresses and bases at affordable prices since 1985 and is endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

Lylax has held the license to manufacture and distribute Serta for over 23 years in Southern Africa.

Both Serta and Lylax beds only use bespoke raw materials and patented innerspring technologies to ensure every mattress provides unmatched comfort, support and hygiene while addressing the five most common sleep problems by providing:

  • Pressure relieving comfort
  • Proper back support
  • Balanced sleeping temperature
  • Undisturbed sleep
  • Prevents roll-off or sag

Serta is celebrated as America’s largest and number 1 bed brand and is the recipient of various awards:

  • America’s No. 1 Bed Brand
  • Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation
  • Women’s Choice Award
  • Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa

Serta is also the largest supplier of premium hospitality worldwide and supplies more 5-star hotels than any other bed brand.

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