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Why Ametist?

What is Amethyst?


WhatOne of the most precious stones known throughout history, Amethyst gets its name from the Greek word, Amethystus, meaning intoxicated. With its splendid colour and glamorous effect, it has been a coveted element for civilisations past and present. Along with its sparkling charm, the energy given off my amethyst is one of the most effective and natural materials in the world known to protect against all the negative elements of daily life. Now, the miraculous amethyst has been transformed into mattress-ticking to improve quality of life and maximize sleep quality. 

Development of Ametist Mattress-Ticking  


This innovative technology was inspired by the miraculous properties of amethyst and helps you fall asleep faster.

It also helps improve sleep quality and helps provide a healthy sleep environment. Plus, this innovative technology maintains superior natural protection against bacteria without the use of any chemicals, providing a hygienic sleep environment.

This mattress-ticking provides a naturally therapeutic sleeping environment by warding off static electricity and spreading negative ions into the sleep environment.

    Benefits of Ametist Mattress-Ticking

    • Helps improve sleep quality and provides a more comfortable sleep environment.
    • Pacifying effect on the nervous system lets you fall asleep faster.
    • Natural antibacterial feature destroys the living area of bacteria.
    • Anti-static feature helps rid the negative energy built up in the body for better sleep.
    • Anti-stress feature helps relive fatigue and stress during sleep.
    • Chemical-free natural composition will not agitate skin.
    • Toxic-free structure provides a safe sleep environment.
    • Ion technology helps provide a refreshing sleep environment.

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